Monitoring in Rechenzentren

Growing IT loads are outstripping the power and cooling capacity in data centers and are expensive bottlenecks to increasing much needed IT expansion. To solve these complex problems, SynapSense developed Power Suite™, which measures power from the equipment level to the cabinet, to the circuit or PDU, and across the data center floor to display a real-time view of power usage efficiency (PUE).

From monitoring and metering, to tracking and trending power in a data center, the array of SynapSense energy management tools effectively optimizes and manages your data center’s energy usage. SynapSense Power Suite™ helps customers optimize loads, reduce stranded power, and identify capacity in real-time.


SynapSense has a wide array of hardware products, which support its Wireless Monitoring & Cooling Control Solution for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). Combined with our software products, the SynapSense Solution provides visibility, reliability, and resiliency for your data center.

For the latest specification information on SynapSense products, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Environmental Nodes and Sensors

ThermaNode™ EZ ThermaNode EZ is a wireless node that measures temperature and humidity within the data center without the need for wired cable assemblies and sensors (in most cases). Easy and quick installation for most rack configurations, the compact and sleek design of the ThermaNode EZ delivers the capabilities and reliability customers have come to expect from SynapSense products. ThermaNode EZ also comes with an optional external sensor providing an alternative installation method for open frame racks in data centers.
ThermaNode™SynapSense ThermaNode The SynapSense ThermaNode measures temperature and humidity from the data center racks, CRACs/CRAHs, plenums, and other environmental areas. Battery-operated and wireless, the ThermaNode transmits temperature and humidity data via the SynapSense Gateway to the SynapSoft management software.
Pressure Node™SynapSense Pressure Node The SynapSense Pressure Node measures air pressure differences between two points in the data center (subfloor and overhead plenums). Battery-operated and wireless, the Pressure Node transmits air pressure data via the SynapSense Gateway to the SynapSoft management software. Combined with other air pressure data collected, data centers can use this information to increase airflow efficiency.

Wireless Communication

Intelligent GatewaySynapSense Intelligent Gateway The SynapSense Intelligent Gateway™ relays data between wired and wireless networks. This wireless transceiver communicates with SynapSense Environmental Sensors (temperature, pressure, and humidity) and power measurement devices to send data to the SynapSoft management software. All SynapSense wireless products communicate through the SynapSense Intelligent Gateway.The SynapSense® Intelligent Gateway™ is also designed to buffer, retain and resend data in the event that the data center Ethernet connection is lost, thereby increasing the resiliency of the data center by avoiding loss of critical data. Further, the SynapSense Intelligent Gateway enables significantly larger wireless networks by increasing the number of wireless nodes which can join the network by 75%. This results in increased cost effectiveness for data center operators. The new Intelligent Gateway has also improved energy efficiency across the wireless sensor network.


SynapSense software products are part of the foundation for the Wireless Monitoring & Cooling Control Solution to enhance Data Center infrastructure Management (DCIM). Coupled with our hardware products, this powerful combination of SynapSense products leverages the robust Wireless Sensor Network to provide unparalleled visibility, reliability, and resiliency for your data center.

For the latest specification information on SynapSense products, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Web Console™SynapSense Web Console Web Console is the application where sensor data is displayed and managed. The intuitive display provides access to data center information, which can be filtered and queried for display in charts and tables. A multi-layered view of the data center floor plan provides zone and site information for daily monitoring, long-term planning, and the data needed to fine-tune the data center’s cooling efficiency.
LiveImaging™SynapSense LiveImaging LiveImaging provides a real-time two-dimensional image of the sensor-monitored environment through use of a ‘thermal map’ style color gradient overlaid onto the data center layout image. Users can quickly visualize temperature, pressure, and humidity throughout the data center.
PowerImaging™SynapSense PowerImaging PowerImaging displays the Power Suite device readings captured from racks, and data from populated servers entered via the Power Suite Configuration Utility. This feature allows users to quickly view power and capacity data across a selected zone or data center in an easily understood array of tooltips placed on the floor plan image.
Active Control™SynapSense Active Control Active Control has built-in redundancy and failover safety mechanisms to mitigate temperature-control risks associated with fan motor failures, maintenance windows, perforated floor relocations, changes to IT load, and software patches and failures. Active Control™ also includes alerts and alarms providing notifications to data center operators on a wide variety of operational issues.
MapSense™ MapSense is a layout and configuration tool used to map the physical deployment of sensors installed on data center equipment to an equivalent software model displayed in Web Console™. As data center equipment or sensors change, incremental updates are made in MapSense™, which in turn will update the software model displayed in Web Console™. MapSense™ can also configure Active Control™ (separate application).

Power Suite

  • Branch Circuit Monitoring (BCM) captures rack or cabinet power data at the circuit-level, and supports IT load balancing and capacity management.
  • Power Metering™ utilizes an energy meter to monitor energy usage, and integrates collected data into the PowerImaging™ console.

Branch Circuit Monitoring

SynapSense® supports Branch Circuit Monitoring (BCM) which provides data center operators with robust tools to improve their data center energy efficiency. Branch Circuit Monitoring enables circuit-level monitoring to capture power by rack or cabinet, and supports IT load balancing and capacity management.

The solution monitors amps, voltage, power factor, and energy. Combined with the SynapSense Power Suite console, BCM helps data center managers track and manage the power usage through all power distribution equipment with rack-level visibility. Our Power Suite products allows for monitoring of circuit and rack-level power, leading to phase balancing and optimization of loading across PDU’s.

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

Real-time PUE meters and visualizes power for the entire data center including IT load (including losses), cooling load, lighting, and total power. Data center managers can track trends and metrics to provide continuous improvements to power and cooling optimization for their data centers.


SynapSense PowerImaging™ allows you to view power and cooling capacity data simultaneously, across a selected zone, or data center quickly.